IO Performance Issue, 3.18pm, 13 April 2023

  • 14th April 2023
Outage Problem This is an update regarding the recent 1.5 hour outage yesterday. Our hosting contractor's CEPH cluster experienced a problem that caused intermittent performance issues and slower-than-usual operation while the rebuild/recovery process continued. Their storage cluster consists of over 250 NVMe drives that provide storage capacity ...
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Default PHP Version Upgraded from 7.4 to 8.1

  • 17th March 2023
We encourage all customers to consider upgrading their existing websites to PHP 8.1 to enjoy its enhancements. As part of our work to provide our clients with the best possible hosting environment, we have upgraded the default PHP version for all newly created accounts from PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.1. This ensures that the latest improvements in PHP in ...
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Domain Price Changes - December 22

  • 14th December 2022
Decreases due to £/$ changes Thankfully in exchange rates the UK pound has now improved against the US dollar. Our upstream domain registrar is US-based and so we are able to decrease our domain registration prices.  .CO.UK is now £8.70 per annum .COM is now £13.32 per annum .NET is now £17.28 per annum Increases due to supplier ...
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Price Increases due to UK £ rate drop

  • 30th August 2022
A major drop in the value of the UK pound against the US dollar has forced us to immediately increase our domain registration prices because our upstream domain registrar is US based. Any invoices issued after 29th August will include these changes. .CO.UK has increased from £8.54 to £8.93 per annum .COM has increased from £12.40 to £12.96 ...
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