Default PHP Version now 7.4

  • 12th April 2021
All new web hosting accounts will now use PHP 7.4 instead of PHP 7.2 by default, and this is a recommendation for the current version of WordPress. Current web hosting accounts will keep their current settings, and a choice of other versions will still be available (from 5.4 to 8.0). If your website is running WordPress below PHP 7.4 you ...
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MultiPHP Editor now Added

  • 22nd February 2021
We have now added the MultiPHP Manager to all shared hosting services. This cPanel module allows you to set different PHP versions by subdomain / domain. PHP Selector: All websites using same PHP version If you wish to set the PHP Version 'account wide', then you can continue to do so using the PHP Selector module. MultiPHP Manager: Different ...
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  • 22nd February 2021
All of our servers are now compatible with the service as standard, which can be enabled within the Litespeed Cache plugin for WordPress. What is is a CDN - a content delivery network. CDNs cache your web pages on multiple servers distributed around the internet, making your website run much faster and ...
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Crossbox and PHP X-Ray - great new features for your Hosting!

  • 11th February 2021
We want to make you aware of two incredible new features now available in all our hosting accounts free of charge!  CrossBox: Email Client CrossBox is a reinvented Webmail Client, designed for simplicity and ease of use backed by an incredibly powerful feature set. The range of features are comparable to the big platforms like Gmail and ...
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